A Coffee and A Sit

12 Janvier 2016, 14:32 CST, off the coast of something (as I can see land) 

I’ve stayed inside most of the day today, not because I’m allergic to the outdoors, but because it’s more comfortable for me for some reason. It could be that it’s just been so cold that I’m finally warming up. It could be that there is just more activity on the boat than outside on the rails. It could be that, even though I’m somewhat busy at work and talk a lot during the day, I am just not as overwhelmed with activity like I was for so many years. With 500 people a day that I used to see and interact with, going to where there are only three other people on my office most of the time leads me to a very different place. It is a very different. It is sometimes lonely. We also moved from the city to the country. We went from constant activity back to my home land style of quiet, piece of mind, and no activity. It takes some getting used to after 26 years. It’s not something that happens overnight. I do believe, however, that I am a much calmer person than I have been in many years. It’s not a bad thing. It is a good thing. 

I’m sitting outside the art auction. I’ve been to a few of these, even purchasing some art at one of the auctions. It adorned our walls in our home, and it cost about $800 to get it framed from what I recall. We have had it for many years, so by now I’m sure it has appreciated in value somewhat, although some visitors to my home tend to roll their eyes at it. Let’s just say it’s somewhat abstract and surreal. I do love it, though. They depict masks, and what the artist said about his work is very important to remember – that everyone wears a mask, until the person is alone. We all do. Every day. 

My masks include the attorney mask, the one who has to appear confident and knowledgable, even though confidence in a case or cause may be low, and knowledge may be lacking on a particular subject. That’s why they make Westlaw and other research engines. That is why they still have law libraries. That is why an attorney who doesn’t research is not as good as one who does. There is just no way to know everything, no matter how long one has been practicing. 

Another mask is my wife mask. The one I wear when I want to put on a happy face even when things are not so good. Not because of unhappiness at all, but more that I want him to have a good day as well. 

Masks are everywhere. You just have to know when to change them. 

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