Paris Day 4

Tuesday, 22 September 2015 

We have spent a wonderful fourth day in Paris, third full day actually, doing everything we wanted to do. Today we toured the Sun King’s palace at Versailles. Amazing. Just an awesome experience. As a Francophile and actual fan of Marie Antoinette and her cronies, I totally and throughly enjoyed every single room.  We even had tea in Angelina’s tea room. T a and pastries. Neither of which have any calories in France, of course. 

We arrived in the city on Saturday. After a long and delayed flight due to weather in Chicago, where we sat on the runway for st least 2 hours prior to taking off, we arrived seven hours later across the pond and in a different world. A world of amazing architecture, food, and culture awaited us. 

On the plane from Chicago we sat next to a girl who was doing a 2-1/2 week backpacking tour of several countries in Europe. She had an 18-pound pack and was already lamenting her woes. I wonder why they don’t just use a roller bag. I’m sure there are places thy can’t go with one, but w hornet it be cool if someone made one that converted? I know I’d be rolling instead of holding. 

There are so many dreams that I gave up having the life I have had. I guess there are many people in my same boat so to speak. I’m not the most unfortunate of those I know. I’m somewhere in the middle. Travel to me is the best of everything. It opens up a world that you don’t even know exists. Like today. I know no one else who has had tea at Versailles. I know there are plenty who have, just not many from McCrory who have I would imagine. 

When I was living in Jonesboro many years ago there was a girl who had come to the big city for the first time. The big city was Jonesboro. She had never been there and lived less than 10 miles away, in a tiny town that no one had ever heard of. She was in the 5th grade. Her parents were very hesitant to let her go on the school-sponsored trip to the city. I assume they believed that she had no reason to go there. She had everything she needed in Bay, Arkansas. She had her small family. The family farm. Her school.  I’ve often wondered about here since. Did she go elsewhere? Did she end up staying in Bay, another victim of short-sighted parents who believe they can “save” their children from the influences of others?  Did she go crazy from that life? Did she run away? Did she join a commune? Or did she simply move away one day and become something wonderful? Who knows. I just know I cannot imagine my life as her. And I would never want my children to have to be like her. 

Adventures are at the heart of everything. A simple adventure of trying a new drink or tea or wearing mismatched colors to stand out. Whatever your adventures are, take them in, fully and completely. Don’t stay in your small shell. Get out there and do something. Do not ever let fear hold you back from trying something amazing. 

The Sun King in all his glory ruled over his people. He built an amazing place. We got there from Bastille Station via the 5 train and the C train to Versailles. It cost only 7 €, 10 one way for the both of us. We went late in the day, and we arrived about 2:45 pm. It was still a bit crowded but by the time we left the crowds were completely gone. I was able to get photos of the palace with no people in them near the end. Again. Amazing. 

The garden tour is an additional fee if you want to try it. The Versailles tour itself was 30€ for the both of us. Tea, water, and pastries were another 44€. Not bad for a full day of fun amongst 17th century and older art. 

The best part of the day was just experiencing Paris. Experiencing th things I thought I would never get to see. I may not have a new car. I may not wear the latest fashions. I may not have every new gadget the moment it comes out. What I do have that some of my friends don’t are the experiences of a lifetime, in memories and photographs. For those, I’d trade every new gadget and car. Those are irreplaceable. 

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