Paris Disney

24 Septembre 2015

What a most excellent day we have had! We started the day by buying pastries from a local bakery and coffee from Starbucks. The latter is American but hard to beat when it comes to coffee. Funny thing here though. There is never anything labeled “low fat” and they only have half and half cream at Starbucks. My kind of place. I think low fat and all that jazz is a load of crap. What people need is real ingredients (a la butter) and a more active lifestyle. Make folks walk to work and they don’t need a gym (also of which I have seen zero). 

We took the A train to Disney and had tickets to the park. We bought a package deal on Travelocity but honestly one could do it by oneself for a bit less price. Just know which trains you’re going on and buy your Disney tickets ahead of time if you can. The lines for ticket sales were pretty long. 

Inside the park we had no trouble paying with our American Express. Elsewhere in Paris and especially outside the city, carry cash or make sure your MasterCard or Visa has been approved for foreign transactions. Like yesterday when we drove north on the A13/A14/A46, there were about 5 spots for tolls. Our MasterCard worked fine but if you don’t have one be sure to take lots of euros in change as some machines don’t take paper money.  The total tolls probably added up to at least 50€ guessing, both ways. 

Today we road the t win and got to Disney around 1:30 pm or so local time. There was almost no wait on most rides we wanted to ride, and we got in the front car of both Space Mountain and the Thunder Mountain Railroad. We also rode Space Mountain four times. It’s my most favorite ride of all time. We waited about 5 minutes twice and none at all the other two times. Definitely the time of the year to go to Paris Disney. 

The shops and attractions are very similar to the ones in the States, with instructions and the animated character voices in French and English sometimes. There were a few rides closed for refinishing and Space Mountain just opened back up in July after being closed for s while. It was amazing. We both think it went faster than the ones in both Orlando and Anaheim. The lights and sounds were also very updated. All was wonderful!

After we left the park we went to their version of Downtown Disney. Shops and places to eat abound. Be sure to pass by Planet Hollywood to see the rest of the area, as it looks like that’s all there is until you get past it. 

Today was also our tenth anniversary. I cannot think of a way I would rather have spent it than to be at Disney riding Space Mountain without waiting in line. 

A perfect day. 

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