Election Season

Well, this election season, it seems like every candidate is evil or has done something wrong.  Every one of their opponents have told us this, so it must be true, right?  How did we get here?  Wasn’t it “I Like Ike” and such in the early days of advertised elections?  I don’t remember hearing so much mud-slinging in a previous election.  Perhaps it’s because we are apparently in an important position this year where our state gets the chance to make a swing between Republican and Democrat in Congress or the Senate.  I’m not really sure that this is true, but I do know I can hardly wait for the elections to be over so that I just don’t have to hear it anymore.

I think it would be very hard to run for office.  Having other people tell the whole state that you are evil, wrong, and that you have done so many wrong things in your life would be hard to take.  “He’s a DC lobbyist who has let down our families.”  Poor Asa.  This was in Mike Ross’ commercial tonight.  Is it true?  Is it not?  Who knows.  I just know that it drives me crazy.

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