A Difference in Attitude

My new status will take some getting used to.  It’s in a good way, of course, but it’s just not something I’ve been accustomed to for the past few years.  Maybe the past 10 years.  The note was the start of the badness, I think.  It prompted me, in a way, to seek another path.  But, the path started long ago, with a girl named Holly.

I was standing in a parking lot.  I had a degree in psychology.  Not the most useful degree in the universe, if one is not going to either go to grad school in psychology or go on to grad school in something else.  But, my chosen undergrad degree, nonetheless.  I can thank Rain Man for that – and an interest in Freud’s works.  Yes, weird I know, but it sure was an interesting subject.  And I never knew how much it would come in handy in real life.

Holly was a fellow student in my psychology classes, and we graduated together.  I was working at the mall, as a marketing assistant at the time I saw her again.  She was headed to law school that fall.  I was totally, and insanely, envious of her position.  How cool it would be to be a lawyer!  Represent people when they need it most.  Get them legal help, and use that psych degree every single day.  If only.

Fast forward about 20 years.  Here I am.  A fairly-newly-minted lawyer, headed for my first real job in the law.  OMG – such excitedment for me!  Such fear as well – fear of losing my friends, my income, and the daily contact with my husband.  Would it be worth it?

YES.  Overwhelmingly YES.  I have never worked somewhere where I felt as useful, as needed, and as loved as the law.  As in The Devil’s Advocate, the law touches everything. Everything.  It is the thing that is most useful in this world.  It is, indeed, the world’s most noble profession.  We, as attorneys, care for the sick, the poor, the dying, the rich.  We touch every walk of life – none too beneath our profession anywhere.  Yes, there are those among us who work with only the rich.  They, in my humble opinion, are missing out on the clients who are the “stuff” of life.  Those who, in their darkest hours, turn to us as in their time of need.  Those are the ones I wish to help, in part, because I have been there myself.  

I love my new job.  I love it with my whole heart.  I love it with my spirit, my mind, and my being.  I love helping clients.  I love going to court.  I am enthralled.  My attitude has changed 180 degrees in the past few weeks, and that is due to me finally realizing my dream.  The dream that, in part, started on a parking lot in 1995.  

Go there – dreamseekers.  Reach your own dreams, whatever they may be.  You are worthy, and you deserve this.

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