Macbook to the Stars

I finally broke down last week and bought a new laptop.  I say finally, like my old one was ancient, but actually my old one was only about a year old.  It was my daughter’s that was ancient – like about 12 years old.  So, it was the lesser of two evils to buy myself a new Macbook and give her my Dell.  I’ve wanted a Mac for a while, and I didn’t want to buy two new laptops, so this was the less-expensive solution.

I used my bonus money to buy it.  Where I work at my day job, if you follow some rules and then the business does well, we get bonuses.  I followed all the rules, by the grace of something holy, and the business did well.  So, I got a bonus.  I decided before that that I was going to buy a new Mac, but the bonus prompted me to go ahead and do it.  Plus, the daughter’s computer was running Windows XP, which is like Virus Heaven these days, and since it’s not even being supported any longer, you can’t really do anything else but upgrade or be in the dark.  Upgrading a 12-year old laptop isn’t really a good idea, for many reasons.  It wasn’t solid state or flash memory, which means that it weiged about as much as my current desktop (or couch, your choice).  It had a really old power cord that looked somewhat flammable and untrustworthy.  It had a serial port mouse and external wireless card, for goodness sake.  This thing was ancient.  It needed to be in a museum.

I am not a computer guru, by any means.  I ended up figuring out, all on my own, how to work the Mac, since it’s so different than a PC; how to transfer all my files to my Mac and to my desktop computer at home; and how to completely delete the information on the hard drive of the dinosaur, using an online program that you download.  That part was really the coolest, by far.  I just felt a catharthis knowing that the files are pretty much irrecoverable.

Now, I sit here on my comfy chair, working on client files, with my new Mac.  It stays cool on my lap.  It weighs like 2.3 pounds or something. It’s easy to carry in its new neoprene case, and the keys light up – which is really cool.  I even like the way the keyboard sounds when my fingertips hit the keys.  No more clicking like a 30-year old remote on a black and white television set.

We are getting used to one another, my new Mac and I.  It will be a long-standing relationship, I’m certain.  I’m glad I took the plunge.  I know my son is proud of me, the Apple god that he has grown to be.  His system has like a gazillion terabytes or something, since he does video editing.  I got one with smaller memory since most of my stuff is like this – general documents.

I’m enjoying it.  I’m glad that something this week made me smile.

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