To Europe We Must Go

Tuesday, July 22, 2014 12:15 CST

So today begins the journey to our European adventure. We are headed out of Dallas toward Miami, to board our eventual plane to Barcelona. Having never been to Europe, I find myself nervous, fascinated, and excited all at the same time.

As I sit in First Class and Sweetie sits on coach, I find myself missing his company but also enjoying a bit of the freedom that comes with travel. We will have nearly two weeks of time together before we return to Little Rock, so it’s not like we will be apart for long. This is not the first flight I’ve not sat by him, but it’s one of only two that I can remember. The last one was out of my next-to-least favorite airport in the universe, Atlanta.

I look back over the past year. As my colleague and friend, Rhonda, said last week, this has been an amazing year for me. I graduated law school – a long-time dream. I passed the bar – a miracle given that I worked all last summer as well. I set up my own law practice – not something I had ever planned to do but something required by market conditions. I joined a small firm – a dream, honestly. We bought our dream house – and I finally feel, for the first time in my life, “at home”. I am truly a lucky girl.

I want this trip, a trip to celebrate my Sweetie’s 50th birthday, to be one of celebration and rejoicing. A time to dance.

I’ve certainly had enough times to cry. It’s time for some fun.

This post dedicated to my good friend, Adam Rule, who left us far too soon.

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