Straight Tea, Red Wine

Tuesday, July 22, 2014, 2:57PM ET

Over the coast of Florida, American Airlines Flight 1462

Tommy and I are flying high somewhere over the coast of my favorite state – Florida. Arkansas is home, but Florida is still my favorite. Miles of coastline. Sand. Surf. Gators. I just love everything about the Sunshine State.

Today as we fly at some thousand feet above this magnificent coastline I am reminded of the first time I ever went to Miami. It was a conference. I got up to see the sunrise. I stayed up to see the sunset. Both of those things are possible in one day in Miami just due to its placement on the point of the end of the earth. What a vibrant city! What fun we had at the oldest bar in Miami!

Now flying out over the open ocean I see few boats on this beautiful sunny Tuesday afternoon. I see some clouds, but not too many. I see the sun in its glory. I see the waves crashing on the beach in the distance. I see keys, out in the ocean like little dots on a map. It is truly a wonder to me.

A land-bound girl my whole life, the ocean fascinates and enlightens me. It is where I do my very best thinking. It is where I feel whole. It is where I love to be.

Returning home this time will lot bring the great sorrow and angst as in travels past. Bearing the end of our parenthood, living in the country but still close to civilization, I look greatly forward to long walks and lots of time spent with my fuzzy girlfriend on our deck. Time spent with my Sweetie, precious in its own right. Time to spend doing the things I love. Reading, crocheting, hanging out, the law. My passions.

Wishing you all peace from the cloudy lofts above on this gorgeous day.

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