Chocolate Biscuits and a Spelling Error

It finally happened today!  I was able, after months of trying, to purchase Belvita chocolate breakfast biscuits from the grocery store.  I have literally been trying this feat since the first week in August, when we returned from Tahiti.  You see, there, they have something called Carrefour.  AMAZING!  Why?  Because they make chocolate breakfast biscuits to-die-for.  They are superliciousscrumptious and amazing in every way.  Now, my experience with them so far has been to eat them with my morning French espresso, whilst sitting on a balcony overlooking the South Pacific Ocean, so trying these very similar biscuits at home, with my not-French (but yet, still yummy) espresso, overlooking my backyard and the street beyond, might pale in comparison just a bit.  But, regardless, I was finally able to purchase them.

All this time, they’ve had other flavors – Golden Oats (yuck-o-matic), Oats & Honey (ugh), Apple Cinnamon (not good), and Blueberry (pretty good, but still not chocolate).  I’ve even approached a Krogerarian to see if they had any in the back, and when he said it was a vendor item (as in the vendor stocks the shelves himself), I told him to tell the vendor that all the other flavors were gross and that it was stupid to have three (yes THREE) rows of Golden Oats, that sat on the store shelf week after week, like an ugly puppy at the shelter, longing for a good home, only to be left there by shoppers searching for chocolate.  To have only one row of chocolate, that was always sold out, should have told the vendor his market research skills might have been a little subpar.

Why did it take so long?  Because I’m positive that some wench housewife kept buying every box in the store as soon as they came out.  I venture a guess that she drove a minivan, had at least 3 children under the age of 7, and she was probably a stay-at-homer with the ability to go to the grocery store anytime.  I now picture her, sadly looking at the empty shelf where the FIVE boxes of these delicious breakfast biscuits formerly resided, wondering what she was going to do about Little Jimmy’s breakfast tomorrow morning.  I say HA!  Not to be mean, but to someone who has been searching high and low, going to 5 different stores in one day for instance, to find said biscuits, I do not feel bad about picturing her sad face in the store.  I was sad for three months.  I think one week won’t kill her.

I rejoiced in the aisle, even hi-fiving my husband who happened to be with me today.  I was super excited.  You can obviously tell I lead such an exciting life if finding breakfast biscuits is the highlight of my weekend.

At least I am not stuck with 3 kids under 7 and a minivan. 

The other funny from today was the fact that I decided not to buy anything on the list that my daughter writes if she can’t spell it correctly.  Today’s entry was “Kipper?”.  Since I have no idea what that even remotely means, I didn’t even ask her what it meant. 

Happy shopping, and if you see a crazy lady in the store, buying all the chocolate breakfast biscuits, it could be me.

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