One Day to Wait.

One more day to wait until the dreaded, feared, and anticipated results of the bar exam. Am I stressed? You could say that. I can only concentrate on movie or the dastardly game Candy Crush at this point, as nothing else can hold my attention span for more than about three minutes. Not a thing.

I am working today and tomorrow morning, although the work I am getting done is merely busy work that takes no brain power. Again, because I am so stressed out about these results, I cannot concentrate on anything. It’s a good thing I am not an air traffic controller, surgeon, or accountant. You would want me doing none of the jobs at present. Planes would crash, people would get the wrong part cut off, and banks would definitely fail if so. I could be a one-girl wrecking ball.

Last night we watched Eat, Pray, Love. I have the novel on my Kindle, but with my current attention span, I can get through all of five pages of a novel be for giving up. So, the movie version will just have  to do for now. And it was amazing. I almost wish I had made it my “just before the results” movie. But, I will save another for that role. Most likely it will be Joe Versus the Volcano, as it has many themes that apply, plus I really believe part of it was written a boy Tahiti. They, too, had a seeming fascination with orange soda. If this makes no sense to y, watch the movie to understand.

I have cried once today. I am sure it won’t be the last time. In a mere 27 hours and 12 minutes, I may be crying one way or the other.

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