Burned for Asking

Sometimes, during my day, I have to deal with people who are difficult. This is just part of the job. It’s part of any job really. One thing about the different cultures at various workplaces is that some are better at dealing with conflict than others are. Some are also better at taking criticism for their own staff members than others are. Sometimes it’s just best to keep your mouth shut and do what your are supposed to do.

Today was one of those time for me,  but unfortunately I didn’t get that message until it was too late. Someone did not want to hear what I had to say about one of their employees. I was trying to help change an arduous process. Apparently that is frowned upon in some circles.

I am fairly detail oriented. I make mistakes just like anyone else. I acknowledge if I have done wrong, and I will try to correct the mistake if possible. Sometimes, though, before one has a chance to correct a mistake, everyone has already made up their own mind about what they believe the problem was.

Today I was told that I chose to ignore something.  This not only hurt my feelings as a professional, it also was untrue. I didn’t choose to ignore anything. I was not ready to make the change yet, and surprisingly, the change that was desired was made since that time. I am still reeling from this comment. Why? Because I really do try to do the best job possible. I can’t help it if I occasionally have something more pressing than answering the same email that o a seeded last week. That she was copied on.

It doesn’t help that all my emails from the past 8 years were accidentally deleted by an IT worker.

So, tonight, reflecting on my day, the only thing I can offer is to say that all I can do is the best I can do. I can’t fix someone’s personal problems. I can’t fix someone’s over anxious personality that drives me and several others nearly crazy. I can merely try.

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