Jobs and Me

Tonight we went to see Jobs, the new movie about Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Computers. It was amazing, and Ashton Kutcher was excellent. I was amazed at how much some of the qualities Jobs had I see in myself. It also gave me am insight to how people may view me and how that makes it hard for me to relate to others, to a certain degree.

We are wet different in many ways. I am you get, from a different era than he was. I am not a computer person, and I am not into technology. I am probably a bit less harsh, especially to my staff at work. But, that’s where the similarities begin.

I am not a normal person. I feel eyes looking at me from others, wondering what I have on my mind, ad wondering why I don’t fit in exactly like other folks do. I don’t like to hang out with a group of other women. I don’t like shopping with anyone other than my Mom t my sisters. I have a partially one-track mind, in that I get really focused on one thing and can’t seem to move on until it is done or the problem is solved. It’s like I need to check that thing off of my list.

I also don’t like kids all that much, especially little ones. They don’t wash their hands, they scream and cry an pitch fits, and they are just so needy. I also think people should do what they are supposed to do instead of thinking someone else will do it for them, or that if they don’t do what they are supposed to do that it won’t matter. It does matter. It makes a difference. I also am quite creative, although my current job doesn’t allow me to be as creative as I would like. I don’t relish the idea of dressing up – I work much better when I am comfortable and not in a skirt and heels. I do believe the rules apply to me, so I guess I am a bit different in that regard. I do like Einstein.

Watching the struggles that he had, and the way that he placed the blame where it should lie, even if that meant hurting people’s feelings, I honestly saw a lot of me in him. If someone screws up, I think they should take the brunt of the result, instead of it being someone else’a problem. I also believe that there is so much more we could do as a society, if we would use our brainpower for creativity in life instead of using it to decide who is going to win the next reality television show.

I have never wanted to be just another face in the background. I have always strived for the bigger prize, for the better way, and for the thing that made sense but also pushed the boundaries a bit further. I can be intimidating. I used to feel bad about some of these qualities, but I have come to embrace them knowing that me being different is just me. Take it or leave it, to a degree.

I was never a kid hi totally “fit in”. I was never in a clique, would never had made it in a sorority, and certainly am never going to be Junior League material. I can’t see myself sitting around doing whatever the herd is doing. I have to make my own way.

Steve Jobs might have been a bit of a jerk to some, but as I type this blog on my iPhone, I raise a toast to him, for without his vision, our world would be a lot less fun, and our music would be a lot less enjoyable as well.

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