Can I Study Outside in the Rain?

I mean, really.  I want it to rain the next week and a half so that I can just ignore everything else “fun” that is going on while I study for the bar.  If I get one more phone call or email suggesting some fun outdoor activity that I can’t participate in because I am otherwise involved with my BBF Kaplan Bar Prep, I believe I will run screaming from the house, through the neighborhood, down the street, and throw myself in front of a moving delivery van.  I am so tired of studying.  The last five letters are d-y-i-n-g just by pure coincidence, trust me.

I know, it’s a means to an end.  I know that I’m luck to even have this opportunity.  I know that it could be worse – I could have $100K in student loans riding on passing this exam.  I, thankfully, have none of those things.  I just wish it was over, done with, kapoot, so that I didn’t have to think about it anymore.  But, alas, I still have 10 whole days of fun-fun-fun left.  It’s such a lonely business, studying for the bar.  Everyone out in the real world is having fun in he sun, while I sit tied to a book or a computer screen all evening.  I can’t even watch real television – haven’t been able to for weeks.  I don’t remember the last time I even watched the newscast, or even the weather forecast.  My news source at this point is my various Twitter feed, which is at least amusing.

So, today, I spend another day of vacation on this.  Yet one more day of studying instead of doing nothing or just relaxing. 

Jealousy ensues.

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