Playing Your Best Hand

January 11, 2013 13:43, last day at sea

Today is our last day at sea. For now anyway. I have tried to talk Sweetie into putting down a deposit for another cruise, since on board you get a lower deposit amount as well as well as getting some on-board credits to use for whatever we need to use them.  He has not caved in yet, but I still have several hours to try to convince him of this great plan.

We went to a culinary demonstration this morning, and we took a tour of the galley area where some of the food is prepared. It was really neat, all stainless steel and tile, not so very different from the cafeteria at work. The biggest difference I noticed, though, was that everyone on staff seem to actually be happy doing their jobs, even if they seem menial. I think that comes with an international staff, because a lot of the staff members are probably very happy to get to travel and be at sea, away from their home countries. I would be, especially if I was from a cold place, like Siberia.

I really think that is one thing that bothers me about my job, sometimes. Some of the staff are happy, just really darn happy to have a job in the horrible economy the US is under right now. Then, there are some who are simply there too escape from something worse –  kids, mean or lazy spouses, or perhaps boredom. The worst ones, though, are those who truly feel that they are God’s gift to my employer. They feel that the world simply revolves around them, and that, should they call in sick, the place would have to shut down.

I am in the category myself. I am very glad to have a good job in such a terrible economy. I do not believe for one second that I am irreplaceable to my employer. I am certain that, should I choose to leave next week or be let go next week, they would easily find someone to take my place.  I have good staff who could carry on without me. That is good for me as well, for it allows me to be gone for a week or two without having to worry about things not getting done while I a out.

Next to us a few months ago, an older man and woman were teaching a young couple how to pay a card game I did not recognize.  It seemed funny to hear the man tell the girl when to hold and when to play her hand. It is like life. You have to what choices to make and when to make them. All of the staff on this vessel chose to come to sea, giving up a life on land, for a few months anyway. All of us make choices every day the affect our futures. You should choose to go out with your friends tomorrow evening and end up in jail. You could buy a a lottery ticket and be on your ow private world cruise next month. You could decide not to try out for a part in a play that would eventually lead you to Broadway.

Choices are important. Don’t take the too lightly. You never know where a good, or bad, on  might take you. Be adventurous.

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