Memories, Where Do They Go?

January 10, 2013 22:53, after we set our clocks back, near Cuba

Well it was another enjoyable night on the Caribbean Princess. Tonight we did eat dinner in the dining room, and I had a part of the bottle of wine I didn’t have earlier this week when we ate elsewhere.  The waiter said they had gotten it out for  me every night, and I of course imagined it on the table, all alone and lonely, since I animate everything. I could just see it being returned to the wine cellar every evening, being made fun of by the other wines because it had been left behind once again, undrinken and unwanted. It made me sad, so I therefore decided that I had two nights in which to finish it off. So I will.

Dinner was very good. Staying with my nearly complete vegetarian and fish meal plan for the week, I had tomato soup and a broiled fish.  Both were excellent. I had the soufflé do  dessert along wit a cup of coffee. Also quite delicious. I have had really no food on this cruise that I thought was bad at all. It has all been quite good.

I was most excited to learn that there will be a culinary tour tomorrow morning at 10am, where we get to go behind the scenes to see the galley area. There is also a behind the scenes tour of the stage and performance area of the production set at 11:45. I can hardly wait. How cool!!!!

We toasted tonight to finding a new cruise line that we enjoy. I think there are probably kids and such on the boat during some of the times when school is out and such but I also think they are probably more well behaved than some of the other cruises we have been on before this one. After law school is done, I won’t have go worry about that anyway, as I will be able to go whenever I want.

I really do not know what I will do when I get out of school. Part of me wants to work in a firm somewhere, while part of me feels like it will really miss having so much vacation time. I guess I will just have to see what happens when I get out of school.

For now I can enjoy one more day of bliss on the open seas. 

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