Back In The Saddle Again

January 12, 2013 10:18, Ft. Lauderdale airport

Sitting in the airport hearing all of the other airplane passengers being called makes me sad. We are merely going to Atlanta, which, let’s face it, is not that exciting. It is one of my least favorite places I have ever been, as a matter of fact. I usually get stuck in the airport due to weather, unhappy airline employees, the stock market, or a cow falling over in London. It doesn’t seem to matter, there is always a reason we are delayed, and I have no doubt that we will be in the same boat today.

With way, if all else fails, we can always drive home if need be. I hope not, as Atlanta is a good 8 or 10 hour drive from Little Rock, not to mention that our car is in Memphis.

Last night when we got out of dinner, we walks down to Aloha 204 just to see if the folks ever made it back on board. They apparently did, as their luggage was sitting out in the hall. We suppose they made it back on, or someone else packed their bags for them and put then in the hall.  Either way, it seems like at least their stuff will make it home.  I would still love to know what happened between Curacao and last night. They had to have reboarded in Aruba, as we didn’t stop anywhere else in between.

Going back to work and school will not be easy. With probably 300-400 email awaiting me when   I return to work, I will be busy with that for several days most likely, which means a bit of peace but a bit of grief, for certain as well. I hope that I will have a good week, as I really don’t want to have a bad one. I hope that people leave me alone long enough for me not to feel rushed or stressed out. That feeling gets really old when you have it all the time.

There is a couple arguing across the row from us. I am not sure what happened, but apparently they sit he spent too much money on their trip or they were not prepared in some other way. Perhaps they left something in the hotel room or on the boat. I am not sure, but certainly hope they don’t argue the entire flight to Atlanta. It would be very nice not to have to sit by then or a stinky or crying baby. Ugh.

Either way, we are  headed home. To the land of cold and storms, apparently. It is 71 degrees today and the forecast high for  tomorrow is 47, so there will be bad weather. I hate that part of living in Arkansas. It stinks. Plus there is not a beach anywhere nearby.

I will be okay, and I am thankful for this nice vacation we have had. It has been a nice break be for my final semester of school and another long spring at work.

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