Assessor’s Strange Assessments

So today at work, a colleague told us that her house property taxes were going up. She got a nice little love note from our local county assessor saying that she was going to have to pay more next year for the same house she owned last year, even in this fiscal cliff economy. This, of course, was on the same date we learned that we were all paying more into Social Security than we were last pay period. In the immortal words of Jackie from That 70s Show, “Who is this FICA bitch anyway?” 

Checking our own house assessed value, I was both relieved and dismayed to learn that it actually went down in value since the last appraisal. We, like many other Americans, are actually losing money on an investment for which we spend tons ever year to maintain. It would be easier in the long run to lease a nice loft condo.

I have tried to talk Sweetie into doing just that – leasing a nice loft apartment somewhere downtown.  I mean, at this point, what would we really be losing out on other than a tax deduction that will most likely go away at the next swipe of some Democrat’s pen?

I think I should make a list of what we would lose and do the pros and cons to see if it is worth it or not.

Pros v Cons
A garage – but I might get one of those in a nice condo anyway

Something that we will eventually pay off – when we are 80

Privacy – but we have a basically horrid neighbor now, so what is the difference

Association fees for amenities may never use – but some complexes have none of these

Size for the price – but really, do we need a 3,000 sf house for two people and a Maltese

Pizza delivery – yes, this I stupid, but it is an issue

Total cons:
Yard work
Paying for repairs

You get my drift. One day, I will say, “Get lost, tax collector,” knowing at the same time that, in the end I am paying it through my condo rental.  At least I won’t be paying it directly to the collector. That is the part that hurts. Or, I could just but a condo.

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