Like, Like, Like

I didn’t know that one person could use the word “like” so many times in one sentence. Apparently it is possible, though. We just got off of a flight where there were three sorority sisters sitting behind us. The used the word “like” at least 500 times in a one hour flight. Now I know why they are so skinny. There is no way that a person can talk that much an  ever eat.

The word “like” can be used for so many adjectives and adverbs the I had never even considered. I didn’t know before today that it could be used more than 5 times in one sentence. I also was shocked to learn that it has so many multiple meanings that even Webster never considered.

These girls, from Ole Miss apparently, based on the Southern drawl and the outline of the state of Mississippi charm one had on he  necklace, were full of talk and apparently well-healed, as they were dressed to the nines and carried designer bags. So very different from my own college experience. So different from those of most people I know.

I hope they like have like so much fun, and I like hope the people sitting in front of them on their next flight also like the word like like a lot.

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