Lake P and Then the Sea

I am always amazed at how large Lake Ponchartrain is. It is just gigantic. I remember the first time I ever crossed I-10 going into New Orleans, I thought Lake P was the sea. Having been several times since then, I know it when I see it, no pun intended, but it is still just huge.

When I was 13, my Girl Scout troup rode via bus from Jonesboro, AR to NOLA for the 1984 World’s Fair. It was so cool. It was the first time I had ever been to NOLA, and I absolutely loved the Fair. Seymour d’Fair was the mascot, and he was a pelican. I still have chopsticks, a teddy bear, and photos (of course) from my adventure. I can never come to NOLA without thinking about the Fair. We stayed in Biloxi, at an Air Force base. We had to drive across Lake P every morning to go to the fair – all 26 or so miles of bridge. It was so cool, plus we really didn’t mind staying at the Air Force base with a bunch of cute pilots.

It was almost 25 years before I came back to NOLA. It was different as an adult, although the mighty Mississippi still rolls and Jackson Square is still the same. I think Spanish Moss is just about the coolest thing ever, and I love to see it on the trees as we drive over the swamps along 10. The Superdomw greets us as we get into downtown. Our hotel is an easy shot to the Port, where we’ll catch our ship tomorrow, and we’ll have great fare at Cafe DuMond tomorrow. Commander’s Palace tonight for dinner, since neither of us has been there before.

So, before the sea, it’s Lake P and a few hours of fun in the Big Easy.

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