Clothes that Fit

Well, today we went to the park to walk the dog (princess) and to get outside for a bit.  It was nice, even if it was quite warm.  We stopped many times to give Moxie a drink of water and rest her short little legs, and then we journeyed on our way.

The trail is about 2 miles, if you go the whole way.  We stopped short, but probably walked at least a mile if not a bit more today.  I figure we burned off a lot of calories, which was good.  Then, we came back home and had a nice salad for lunch.  So, good walk, good food, and now we’re relaxing in the living room.  Without a pool, it’s just too hot to be outside today.

We have been recycling.  I feel bad when I’m at a restaurant or at work, and I can’t recycle like I do at home.  Our recycling binge started really when we went to Florida in December, as they have single-source recycling cans at every household.  I came back wondering how a city of 22,000 people can somehow recycle like that but a metropolitan area of over 500,000 cannot.  So, I started making some calls.  Come to find out, we were getting bins April 9.  I counted the days.

As part of this new effort, we are also watching what we buy – like paper products and such.  Now, there are some paper products that I choose not to live without – toilet paper for example.  I don’t mind being all recycling and everything, but that’s where I draw the line for now.  If they make a recyclable and clean product in the future that doesn’t involve water (like a bidet), then I’m game.  For now, though, not so much.

With this in mind, I went to retrieve our cloth napkins from the attic storage, where I’d placed them when I packed up the dining room before we sold the china cabinet.  We are selling our house, so we tried to get rid of things that we knew we didn’t want or need, and that was number one on my list.  So, all of the napkins were in the attic since then, save a couple that I had kept out for us to use when we have “special” dinners.  I went to retrieve the others today, and although I couldn’t find any other than the nice white ones that I know will get totally soiled, I brought those down anyway.  It was so hot in the attic I believe we could use it for a sauna.  We wouldn’t even have to spend $1200 on one – it is free!

While I was up there, I decided to look through the box of clothes that I had moved up there about two years ago, when I finally admitted that my clothes were getting too small.  There were shorts, shirts, skirts, and even underwear that I had stashed away, thinking some day I might fit back into them.  Well, someday is today!  I tried on the clothes, and except for a very few, they all fit!  I did put a few in the Savers pile, just because they are so not me anymore that I’ll never wear them again.

It was such a great feeling.  I’ve lost about 35 pounds over the past 9 months – all just watching my diet, using, and swimming or doing other exercises.  It’s been nice, and I feel so much better.  I even have two new swimsuits I can use this summer!

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