The Crochet Obsession

I am, for all intents and purposes, apparently addicted to making crochet things to sell on Etsy.  A friend got me started looking at Etsy, and I had a ton of yarn laying around, so I thought, why not?  I should make some things to sell in my spare time.

I have always, always loved to make crafts.  Much like my day job, I get to see a “finished” product – when a building is complete.  With crochet, cross-stitch, and knitting, I get to see a finished product when I’m done with a piece.  Crochet is my favorite, right now, since I can do it almost mindlessly.  I have had a cross-stitch piece going on for about 6 years now that I had every intention of finishing for a certain family member way back when I bought it.  It’s on linen, and I love the way linen looks when it’s done, but my myopia is pretty rough when it comes to seeing those itty bitty linen holes.  So, it’s been in the closet for about 2 years at least, probably longer.  Being in law school has not afforded me much quiet, non-studying or non-working time, so crafting has taken a backseat until this Etsy obsession started around January of this year. 

In the past five months, I’ve made 31 items to sell on the site.  That doesn’t sound like a lot, I know, but when you take into consideration the fact that I also work 40+ hours a week and go to law school 12 hours (plus an immense time spent reading and studying outside of class), 31 doesn’t seem like a small amount of work.

Most of the items I’ve made so far are scarves and dishcloths, with a few eyeglass cases thrown in the mix.  I buy good yarn, although I do look for it on sale if I can.  It’s a hobby – I’m really not in it to make money – but I’d love to do this while working from home on a day job.  That’s my real dream, honestly, to work from home doing legal briefs or research.  That way, I could work from just about anywhere.  I got top paper in both my lower level and upper level writing classes.  (See previous post re: English Teacher.)

Anyway, today I signed up, against my better reasonable judgment, for a Pintrest account.  I spent the last two hours searching the internet for crochet patterns and ideas.  Yes, I checked to make sure that I could both make and sell them!  That’s the little lawyer coming out in me.  Also, these folks work hard to make patterns, and it’s not right to just do the crochet and take all the credit. 

So…look on Etsy for my shop:  YarnyYarns.  I’ll keep posting cool stuff!

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