Back at Bonita

It is simply beautiful here. We arrived this afternon and are staying at a condo directly on the beach. The sound of the waves is intoxicatingly calming. The sun is beginning to set, and we’ll go eat soon. Sweetie is asleep in his chair on the deck. I’m reading the new Grisham book.

We love it here. I love the ocean. We picked up shells earlier today. There are tons of hermit crabs washed ashore, and quite a few horseshoe crabs, too. I’ve never seen one of the latter that I can recall, so it was weird to see so many today. Unfortunately they were all dead, but that’s just the circle of life. Things die. Even horseshoe crabs that haven’t evolved a bit in a million years.

We got a really good deal on a great condo, and I really like the owners. They also manage a condo property next door, which sounds like a good gig for us to do in the future I could be a property manager somewhere like this. Especially one who only manages a few little properties or condos.

Ahhh. The sound of the crashing waves is so nice. The sun setting is gorgeous. We will go eat pizza later to try the famous Doc’s. We’ve eaten there before but didn’t have the pizza. It was turtle egg hatching season then, and we had stayed on the beach later than we meant to. The pizza takes about 35 minutes to cook, so we didn’t really have time to wait.

Tonight, after a month of hell and finals, we do.

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