Class Tonight, Ugh

We are gettimg back just in time for me to attend class tonight. Yeah.

I’m totally unexcited about it. I feel like I’ve been in law school jail for over 2 years, a jail in which there is no television except whatever is on after 9:30 pm or Sunday nights. This doesn’t leave much for me to watch.

When Seinfeld was originally on I didn’t get to watch it for one reason or another. I would go to work and hear others’ talk about what happened on the show. I didn’t get the reference-inside jokes, and I didn’t get the silly dance references or know who the Soup Nazi was. It was sad. When I watched it years later, I got all the references, and thankfully it wasn’t too late since people were still talking about the show.

Law school has kept me from watching network TV as well. This past Thursday when we were on vacation, I saw a funny show called Whitney and laughed more than I had in months. I think this TV deprivation I’ve been experiencing is part of my problem.

I always hope that vacation will give me a renewed sense of hope. This time, I do actually believe that it will.

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