People Watching

I love to people-watch in public. It not only cracks me up to see what some people will wear, but some of their actions are also hilarious.

Today’s Sightings:
1. A man, with black shoes, black trouser socks that went to his knees, black pants, a dark green dress-type shirt, and a hat. The funny part was that he had the pants’ legs rolled up, so he looked a lot like a pilgrim. Seen on Club Road, Sherwood.

2. A man driving a nice, Gold Wing (aka “old person”) motorcycle, driving between cars, passing them in the center of a four-lane residential street. Seen on McCain Blvd, NLR.

3. A man wearing extremely baggy pajama bottoms with a nice shirt. Seen at Target, NLR.

4. A girl with a print top, skirt, and a HUGE flower in her hair. It looked like the top of a horrid birthday cake. Seen at Target, NLR.

This was all before noon today. I’ve been at the pool since then, alone, so no fodder to share, as there is no one else here!

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