If I Could Relive One Day of My Past: Our Wedding

I would choose to relive my wedding day. It was the day that I truly felt like a princess for the very first time in my life.

My first wedding was an elopement at a judge's house. It was about as unspecial as you can possibly get.

The second time around, my (now) husband and I decided that we wanted it to be everything I had ever dreamed it would be. I bought the most beautiful, perfect dress at Jodie Marie's, I had the perfect cake with the little swirly designs on the side and the good icing, and 125 of my closest family and friends were there to wish us well. We also held it at an old hotel in town, that was converted to an event spot and office building about 15 years ago. It was the perfect venue, and to this day, every time I drive by Jodie Marie's or the hotel, I get a little teary and remember who that day was most wonderful.

It was a nice, sunny day. We got married the weekend that Hurricane Rita hit the Texas coast, so we had to get out of Dodge and to our honeymoon spot or chance spending our wedding night in the DFW airport. At the last minute, we booked flights from LIT to MEM and then to MIA to get on our dream cruise to the Caribbean.

The flowers were great, and my bouquet was exactly what I wanted. All of our families were in attendance, and that made the day even more special since both sets of our families didn't like our previous spouses.

It was a very special day. I think of it all the time. I would relive it tomorrow if given the chance, and I wouldn't change a thing.

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