The iPod Battery Saga

So, yesterday, I decided that I really didn’t want to pay $150 for a new iPod.  I also didn’t want to pay $71 to have a new battery installed.  That sounded like just a bit much.  So, today, I went shopping.

I found a display model at Sam’s that was $90 for an 8G model nano.  I thought that was pretty good, and I wouldn’t mind having a smaller iPod, honestly.  I watch movies occasionally on my iPod, but not enough to have a video model.  I have a 5th Generation 30GB video iPod that I got for my first Valentine’s Day with my husband.  So, it’s kind of special in its own regard, plus there is nothing else wrong with it other than the battery won’t hold a charge longer than about 30 minutes, especially if I change the song often.

Anyway, I looked online, and they wanted $71 and change to change the battery out.  I wish I had thought to invent these things, or just invented being the official “battery changer” because I would have made a killing.  I found one, with a kit to help with changing it, on Amazon for $12.50.  I bought it, got free shipping and no sales tax, and I’m a happy girl.

So, the iPod will reign supreme again in my house in a few days.

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