I Name Plants & Other Things

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Okay.  I have to admit it.  I name just about everthing.  Even my trees have names.

I was an only child.  I had a lot of free time to make up imaginary friends.  We also lived in the middle of absolutely nowhere, so most of my imaginary friends needed to be a little more real than “Susie who lives in the dryer” as one my friends was called.  So, I named everything else.

I have, to my husband’s and children’s dismay, kept up the practice even in modern times.  I currently have a tree named Felix, another named Roger, and an inside plant named Oscar.  Oscar is, without a doubt, the oldest indoor plant I have that is still living.  All the others have met their fate, as I have no green thumb whatsoever.  The only reason the outdoor plants survive is because I leave them alone.

My Kindle even has a name – Amelia.  My laptop – Prudence.  It’s pretty sad, that when we talk about computer issues, I say, “Prudence has a virus,” as opposed to “My laptop has a virus.”  The worst part is that everyone in my household knows who Prudence is.

I’ve even gone so far as to name my dog’s toys.  We have Fishy, Snoopy, Baby, Ball, and Blankey.  The worst part about this is that even the dog knows what I call her toys.  She can bring me the named toy on command, and she has a lot of toys from which to choose.

I think that being an only child was a good thing, as it made me more creative than I would have been otherwise.  I say I was an only child, but that only lasted for 9 sweet, beautiful years until my little sister was born.  After that, I had even more reasons to have imaginary friends!


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