Rain, Rain, No Swimming Today & A Dying Ipod

Well, finally, we received some much-needed rain today, although it seems to avoid my house at all costs for some reason.  I didn’t get to swim.  It was lightning too, and I really didn’t want to cause two fire truck incidents in one week.  I was afraid the fire department would think I was one of those weirdos who just makes emergencies in order to get attention!  So, no swimming laps for me today, sadly.

I joined that MyFitnessPal website about a week ago.  I don’t know if I weighed myself correctly the first time, but going by their calculations, I have somehow lost about 12 pounds.  I think it’s more like 5 or 7, but then again, I’m not a scale.  We have an old scale, so it very well could be that it’s just not working properly.

I did have a tour today, so I was able to burn off some calories doing that.  I’ll have 4 (YES FOUR) tours tomorrow, and I’m just so freaking overjoyed at that I can hardly stand it.  I am beginning to hate giving tours, or I think really I’m beginning to get further and further behind on the rest of my work, which leads me to blame the time-consuming tours on the rest of my issues.  I am losing about a full day per week giving tours at this point.

Also today I have finally come to the dreaded realization that my iPod is dying.  It was the first Valentine’s Day gift my husband ever bought me, so I’m somewhat attached.  It has seen me through my first two years of law school, trips around the country and outside the US, helped me get through studying and reading when it was noisy in our house, and entertained me while we were painting and renovating our old house before we sold it and moved to this new one.  It will cost almost $72 to get it repaired (new battery), so we have decided to just buy a new one and put the old one in the car, where it will be charged all the time.  I hate to lose it, but I will be fine, I’m sure.

I have logged into my fitness thing 6 days in a row now.  Every day, except the first day, I reached my target and didn’t go over my calorie goals.  It feels good.  My shorts are starting to fit more loosely, and my legs are definitely skinnier than they were a few weeks ago.  I was just eating junk food because it was what I had gotten used to doing.  Now, I’m back on the right path once again, and it feels really good.

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