The Bluest Skies Above

3 May 2017, 13:49 EDT

We are currently driving the route from Miami to Key West. The bluest skies I believe I’ve ever seen are overhead.  There AR a few fluffy clouds but nothing else overhead. I love it here. 

Every single time I come to Florida 🐊🐊 I find myself wanting to move here. Every single time. Sun. Surf. Winds. Hurricanes. At least they are more predictable than the tornadoes with which we deal. Gag. 
The highway on land will end here in a few minutes. Then we go on the oversea causeway, which sounds fabulous. I have never driven this way, so it is yet another new adventure for us. Such fun!

Tommy the Worldly Turtle is riding up front on the dash. He is almost as excited as I am. I hope the Atlantic and Caribbean are as blue as they have been in my dreams. I hope. 

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