Five Pelicans Gliding, Four Dolphins Swimming, Theee Mantas Raying. . .

Well you get the general idea. And it’s not even Christmas! 

May 7, 2015, 9:14am CDT Navarre Beach, Florida 

This morning on the beach we were greeted by several sea creatures. It started with a school of manta rays, gliding their way through the water. What magnificent creatures they are! They look effortless, truly, as they make their way along the coastline, gathering up whatever prey they can along the way. Then therewere dolphins, several schools of them, in fact, playing in the surf, jumping upo j the air, coming to the surface to air out, and then dive back into the waves. They look so peaceful and like they always have such a grand time. Then the Pelicans flew overhead. Since we are on the top floor of the condo, they fly about eye level with us, which can be very startling. This morning there were four, I think, but in order to make the song make sense, I said five, of course. 

Today the waves have calmed a lot. The ocean isn’t glass but there are no whitecaps at all today. Should be a great day to be on the water. What a fabulous time we are having! It’s so nice to be able to just sit and chill out with coffee on the balcony every morning. I will miss the sound of these waves when we leave. 

Today’s adventures may take us to Pensacola Beach, or at least the National a seashore between here and there. That’s the cool thing about Navarre Beach – you can drive from one end of the barrier island to the other and hit Pensacola Beach along the way. No 4-lane road necessary!  It’s about 30 minutes between here and there, taking into account the seashore bird nesting 20 MPH speed limit at times. 
From the sun, I bid you adieu for now.  

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