Elections Are Over, Thankfully

Election season is a bit annoying to those of us who live normal lives.  Those, in other words, who are not running, don’t have jobs that directly depend on the outcome of a race, and those of us who get up every day and just go to work and come home.  To a million political ads, including the ever-present mud-slinging.  Oh so tiring.

I’m so glad that election season ends tonight.  Although there are a couple of races that I really wish had gone the other way, I did cast my vote and was not in the majority.  Oh well, life goes on.  I just hope, finally, that the political ads are gone tonight with clear-cut winners and no run-off races.  I don’t think I can take one more evening of political ads.  And I loathe Fox News.  I just do.

So, we hope that December 6 will come and go here in our state and we will be so non-involved that we won’t care.

Please let it be so.  I mean, when one is excited about a denture ad because it’s not a political ad, that’s sad.  Just really sad.  That was my thought tonight.

I hope that the newly elected people do good jobs.  I know there is one who won’t.  He will continue to be a right-wing conservative nut job, who only has one thing on his mind.  We won’t go there, but I honestly hope he gets indicted for something, anything, that would cause him to be booted from office.  At least we have term limits.  One day, indeed, he will be gone.  And he’ll never get elected statewide as he is just not that popular.

So as I go to sleep tonight, I have visions of sugarplums in my head.  And they aren’t being held or thrown by political candidates of any variety.  Thank goodness.

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