Waking Up In Italy

July 27, 2014, 08:09, Genoa, Italy

This morning a wonderful sight greeted me. The sight of true old world Europe. The coastline of Genoa, Italy. It is what you read about in books, see on television and in movies, and hear about from friends who have made the journey. The old buildings stand out from the hills like soldiers, rising up against the sea. The port, in this case, is very near what appears to be an older part of the town. It is gorgeous.

Today is my Sweetie’s 50th birthday. I hope so very much that he has a good day. I hope that Genoa is memorable in that he always remembers where he was when he turned 50. I hope it is better than the sad party he had when he turned 40. I hope for a good day.

I am going to enjoy the day.

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