July 30, 2014, 09:56, Tunis, Tunisia
Northern Coast of Africa

Today our journey took us to the last stop of our cruise before one day at sea and then back to Barcelona for one more day in Europe. Tunisia, a mostly Muslim country located on the northern coast of Africa, has a lot of flat roofed concrete structures with a lot of debris lying about the side of the road. A lot. It is like they took down buildings and then just pushed stuff to the side of the road in some cases. So far, I’ve seen no old world construction at all. I’m sure that there are places in the country that more resemble some of the old world construction that you’d expect from such a country.

The people are fairly nice although the beach vendors are pushy like some in the Caribbean can be. There is a camel herder who offers camel rides on the beach. There is even a baby camel who is just the cutest thing like ever. I want to take him home. Moxie would live her new baby brother.

The beach has the finest tan sand I think I’ve Ever seen. It is very much like desert sand, and the wind blows constantly. Since it got up to 40 Celsius here yesterday, I and glad that the wind is blowing or it would be unbearably hot here in the sun of the beach. The waves are pretty rough, but the ocean water is warm. It looks a lot like the water in the a Gulf of Mexico as it is tinged a brownish color just because of the color of the sand. It is nice but I’ve only walked along the beach. I’m a but dizzy today from the rocking if the boat last night, so I’m not quite myself today.

Sweetie got in the water and said it was great fun. I’ll probably take his word for it. I am just not feeling it today.

I have learned, though, that if I pretend to be French in this country, I get along a lot more easily than being American. I’m sure it has something to do with my government’s inability to leave well enough alone some of the time. I can understand why people in Europe think we are assholes. I think we are, somewhat, after being here for a week. There is just too much competition. Too much strife. Too much melting pot not getting along with other people. Too much of a lot of things.

The baby camel walks alone. He is not hitched to the other adults. They are all Dromedary types with the “D” hump instead of the “B”. One, unhitched and sitting on the beach, appears asleep. I can understand why. With the cool breeze, the sun, and the crashing waves, this traveler might very well might be there very soon.

From the northern coast of Africa, my 4th continent, I bid you all a great day. To those of my friends on the other side of the world taking the bar exam today – break a leg.

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