Marseille in One Day

July 26, 2014, 15:14, Marseille, France

Don’t Stop Believing. That song has led me through some very very rough times in my life. Long ago, weeks ago, even days ago. It has made me keep on going, even when I didn’t want to. When I wanted to give up. When I wanted to throw in the towel on life and just call it quits. (And yes I have wanted to.)

Today, I realized a dream. Yet another one this year. I went to France. And it was amazing.

I went to sleep in the Mediterranean and woke up in France. Where they speak French. The closest I am to a second language.

It was not exactly what I expected in some regards. It was more hilly. It was more industrial (at the port anyway). It was more modern (in some respects). It was way Old World French in other respects. It was just something that I found very entertaining.

We started the day with a French expresso, double shot. Then we got on a bus to go to the Plage (beach). We went to David’s Beach and the two to the east. David’s Beach has a huge Statue of David as in Michelangelo. I really think David is a major hottie so I was happy about that. I mean, if I had been a girl back in David’s time, there would have been some underwear throwing and partying going on. What. A. Hottie.

The bus 83 took us from City Center or Centre Ville to the beach. It cost us 3,60 each way, for the both of us. Way cheaper than a taxi I’m sure. It was also quick and clean. I I highly recommend it.

I got to use my French skills a bit in a small market. I didn’t speak any English and made it through the transaction just fine. I loved it! (I like to think there is an alternate me who started traveling when I was 18 and still lives abroad.)

I also rocked my bikini, as my friend Jennifer would say. Old or not. Last or not it worked for me! I changed on the beach. Gasp?!? No. It doesn’t bother me, especially in French areas. Everybody does it and it is totally acceptable. We swam in the somewhat cold Mediterranean for about 30 minutes. The beach had small rocks and a fine sandy bottom. It felt great on my feet. I waded out probably 50 yards at least and still was able to stand up with the water slightly above my waist. Again. Amazing.

We will set sail here in a bit. It was Sweetie’s wish to someday visit Marseille again, a town he visited quite often in the Navy, even spending time in the beach one summer and sleeping under the stars. The fact that we have been on 10 cruises in 9 years is amazing. The fact that we have been to so many countries in that time even more amazing.

Most amazing of all is that neither of us EVER stopped believing. We kept trodding along through the nightmares of our first marriages. Through whatever ex spouses and pissed off kids threw our way. We didn’t let it stop us. We sure as hell won’t now.

Life: Bring It. We will keep plodding along, just as we have up until now.

And for a special certain someone of whom I have now had three nightmares about during my vacation: I hope you someday see the error of your ways. Remorse or not, it gives you no right to take your angst out on other innocent people. I’ll never stop believing in the power of the truth. The lies you believe are your biggest downfall.

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