A Sister of Another Mother

July 31, 2014, 15:52, in the Med headed toward Barcelona

No land in sight. Only one mid-sized cargo ship follows us on this journey today. I don’t know if there are just no other cruise ships or if we have ventured off on another direction, far away from the pack. I am not clear on how the cruises in the Med actually go, since they don’t all stop at one or three major ports and journey from there. They seemingly stop at all the ports, with travelers getting on and off at each port, even Tunis I suppose, since I have seen several women in traditional Muslim dress since leaving Tunis, when I do lot remember seeing them previously onboard.

I remarked to Sweetie earlier today that it has been nearly two weeks since either of us has had a real conversation in English with another English-speaking person besides ourselves. There was the nice New Hampshire lady in Barcelona last Thursday evening, and today there was a Brighton man and his son, who were on their first cruise. It has been nice. Really nice. It is like being in Tahiti. You have no one with whom to argue, you cannot understand others’ conversations, good or bad, and you really feel like you are being cultured somehow.

Walking to our spot on deck this afternoon, I found myself a but excited to see a lady reading a David Balducci book. Legal thrillers are my favorite, even after law school, although I do have to admit that it took me a while to get back into them after the bar exam last year. I thought, “How cool. Another American!”, only to find that the title was in French. At least they, too, enjoy American authors, I suppose. We went to a Barcelonian bookstore the other day. Of course all the titles I saw were in Spanish, although they advertised an English section. I had brought four paper novels and my Kindle, so I wasn’t really book searching but searching instead for headphones for Sweetie. If we’d known we’d get a set at each bus tour, we might have forgone them in the beginning. Only 10€, though, it didn’t seem a bad investment for Sony headphones.

Somehow, I made it through this whole trip without getting sunburned. I haven’t noticed anyone else who got sunburns at all, not even the Irish folks. (They aren’t known for being too sun-hardy as you know.) most of the others are of some other European descent, very tough when it comes to the sun.

I find myself doing what I do on every cruise on the last day – wishing for another day, yet excited and nervous about going back home to work and the rest of my real life. I know, without a doubt, that I have a great life now. I have worked very hard to get there. It wasn’t easy. I didn’t have a silver (even tarnished silver) spoon in my mouth. I didn’t get the chance to travel abroad when in college or law school. What an amazing adventure that would have been. But, in the end, this life has been good. I want to do as Fred said – live the best life without regrets. Thank you to Fred for making me understand that in my 20s. So many do not ever learn that lesson.

So we end our ocean voyage tomorrow, but we are already thinking of the voyages that lie ahead. Bon voyage to you all.

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