Using the Good Beauty Aids

I heard recently from a friend, someone who is “in the know”, that another friend had said something that made perfect sense to the both of us.  This second friend ha’s a basically terminal illness, and he mentioned to someone else that a person should “use the good towels”.  At first, you might wonder exactly what this means, but when we delved into it a little more, we understood totally.

It means – don’t wait for tomorrow.  Do something special every single day.  Use the special towels you have “only for guests”.  Wear that necklace you bought for $1.80 at H&M on Broadway.  Use that cool-smelling coconut lotion from The Body Shop that you thought would only be reserved for a hot date or other special occasion.  Why?  As Michael Landon so famously said in his Newsweek interview about a month before he died, “There are only so many tomorrows.”  I have come to believe in this, firmly, and that belief grows stronger with age, trust me.

I’m 42.  I will, hopefully, be 43 this year.  I have had a lot of fun these past 42 years, and I’ve had a lot of “special” things I’ve saved for “special” occasions.  I think back to the special Paris sweater that I bought a few months ago and have only worn once.  Why?  Well, in part, it’s because I forgot about it as it was tucked away in the middle of my closet.  In part, though, it’s because I was saving it for “special” occasions – like date night, or a good Friday at work, or even an event.  There is a small golden wood frame that probably measures 4”x4”.  I have had it for about 20 years, guessing.  I got it, when I had no money, for like $2 or something from a frame shop.  Have I ever used it?  NO.  Why?  BECAUSE I WAS SAVING IT FOR “THAT” CROSS-STITCH PIECE THAT IS SPECIAL ENOUGH FOR IT.  There is the set of wine glasses that one of my sisters gave me for Christmas one year.  I do use them, but as they are more tucked away in the cabinet, and let’s face it handwash only, I don’t use them as often as I’d like.  And I have wine several times a week, so I have no excuse.  There are also the margarita glasses we purchased in Mexico, but that’s a whole different story.  We have used them, but we rarely make margaritas.  That’s my excuse, anyway.

I once had another friend, who unfortunately died young.  It was a great loss.  I remember her saying to me once, “Be sure to always wear your sunglasses so that you don’t get cataracts when you’re old.  Us blue eyed girls have to watch that, you know.”  Well, for those who know me personally, you’ll rarely ever see me without my sunglasses.  The sun is just too bright for these light eyes.  I often think about how she’ll never have cataracts, but at least I’m careful not to get them, either.  I’m following your advice, still, Mrs. G.

We have some hand towels that are really pretty.  They are this really cool deep purple color – not lavender but a royal robe purple – and they have some purple flowers on them.  No, not printed, but actually sewn on to the towels.  I use them only when we have company, but it’s because we still have a messy teen at home, and the towel would be destroyed in 5 minutes with toothpaste and makeup remover.  I’ve already wasted a few really nice purple towels over the same occurrences, so I’m pretty war-torn at this point.  Just leave me alone about this one, okay?

Just before typing this, I put on some of that really nice coconut-scented body lotion (body butter, to be exact), and I’m enjoying the fragrance sitting here typing this blog.  I won’t let it sit in the cabinet. I plan to use it all up and if I need some more, I’ll just buy some more.  I may get tired of the scent by then, anyway, and decide to get something else next time.  As for the frame, I have not cross-stitched in a long while, and I don’t know when I will again.  I’m pretty busy these days running a private client law practice on the side of having a full-time day job, pro bono work, and some side contract attorney work as well as just general living.  So, go easy on me about the frame.

As for the Paris sweater, I’m wearing it tomorrow!

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