French Press Coffee and the Ocean

December 30, 2013, 09:52 CAT

There is absolutely nothing I like more than a good freshly brewed French Press coffee, some chocolate breakfast biscuits, and the sunrise on the ocean. The seagulls riding the air, the sound of the waves crashing into the surf, and the sights of a long almost-deserted beach are just too much to ignore. I could sit here forever.

I don’t have much planned for today. I need this break. After the bar exam, there was the Tahiti trip, and then there was just so much to do to get my business set up and get started as an attorney. This is the first time in over ten years that I have had a separate work (day job) phone from my personal phone, so it’s good to be able to just turn that one off. Those who need to reach me have my other number, and of course my clients do as well. I do not mind working on the legal aspect at all, as I truly, truly enjoy helping people work through their problems. J feel like that is what I was born to do.

I toasted the ocean this morning, for giving me hope for the future, for a wonderful 2014, and for the life I have been able to live for the past nine years. It has truly been an amazing journey. I cannot imagine what it would have been like to have lived like this for the time before that. I try not to think about it, but it does creep into my head and make me sad every now and then. I only try now to see the future and see how wonderful a time I have had when I have been with the right person.

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