Our Last Real Full Day in Paradise, For Now

Vendredi, 9 Aout 13, Tahiti

Today, we spent the day driving down back streets, along side rivers that flowed into the ocean, and going off the beaten path, in search of paradise. We found it. It is quite abundant on this isle in the middle of the South Pacific. It is everywhere here.

We visited the grotto caves, with plants so large that it honestly made me feel as if I was on the set of Honey I Shrunk the Kids, and with a cave so deep in the back but an illusion that made it seem much more narrow that it really is. We visited two black sand beaches, staying at one for several hours and stepping into the ocean to get pounded by the rough surf of mid tide. We ate lunch at the American staple McDonald’s, only so we could say we had the French experience of American food. We ate dinner at a fun pizza restaurant ,very prevalent on this island, although we are somewhat unsure why. We came back to our hotel, which has a special Tahitian dance ceremony on Friday nights, unsure of where to park in the overflowing parking lot, and being allowed to park “back stage” behind the gate. A sky full of stars greeted us when we went out onto our balcony, with God’s Thumbnail for  a moon sliver, along with Venus to guide us on our way. A beautiful sunset from a deserted lookout point ended the perfect experience, directly across from the grotto that started our day. Another beautiful day in paradise, without a drop of rain.

Usually, when on vacation, the time seems to fly. This time, for whatever reason, it has not flown by. It may be because we are not on a cruise, with the constant hustle and bustle that we usually face. It may be because we are surrounded by non-Americans, with 99% of the people we have encountered speaking French or Tahitian, a lot exclusively. It has greatly helped to not know what other conversations were going on as we passed by others on the beach, in town, or in shops we have visited. I have learned more French in one week than in two full years of class in high school. (Great big shout out to the teacher who thought Stephen King and naming her kid Keihl but calling him Kyle was more important than teaching us the language.)  I have relaxed, I have slowed down, and we have had some great discussions as a couple. It has been really good. The best part about going home is that I have nothing to study,no books to open, no classes to attend. It is back to being just my Sweetie and Me, without any distractions. We have worries back home, but the largest one of the past four years, at least, is done.

With that, I sign off for tonight. I will dream sweet dreams tonight, thinking of the Southern Cross and our wonderful time here. I will dream of our next trip,wherever the winds may take us. I will dream.

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