We Did It! And, an Inspiration

It is official!  We did it!  We all made it through the rigors of law school and came out on the other side, still alive and well.  I have been crying ever since grades came out, and I’m still crying as I write this.  The dream I had from way, way back, so very long ago, has come true.  I graduated law school!!!!!!  I overcame so many difficulties, so many trying times, and some many times when I just didn’t want to carry on.  I ate popcorn, macaroni and cheese, and even cheese crackers for dinner on so many nights I can’t count.  I ate enough Sour Patch Kids to fill up a small lake, and I learned just how incredibly annoying white noise on an ipod can become after listening to it for 1,000,000 hours in a row.  I fought countless hours of drowsiness from getting no or very little sleep.  I moved two kids to college, put a house up for sale, bought 5 acres of land, built a 258,000 sq ft hospital addition, and read probably a thousand cases.  I researched and wrote papers.  I did things that truly scared me, like doing a mock trial in front of a Court of Appeals judge and doing a mock appeals case in front of 20 classmates and our professor.  I slept in my carrel once, although it was only for a short time.  I got to know those old Arkansas Code books really well, and I still consider them my friends. 

We received our grades today, and I honestly could not be more pleased.  I graduated with honors, all while holding down a more-than-fulltime job, with a husband, kids, and a mortgage, and went through one of the most trying times of my entire life.  I persevered, I came through, and I conquered.  I am my own hero this evening.

Also today, an old friend told us that she is officially going back to school, to pursue a dream she has had for many years.  She wrote me a note a few weeks ago.  She said that my posts had inspired her to go back to school.  There is nothing quite like that.  It was the best note I had received in a long, long time, and I’m so truly grateful that she took the time to write it. 

Tonight we celebrate.  I’m ditching bar prep, if only for a few hours, so that we can go out and eat, using one of the gift cards I got for graduation. 

The last time I left the library before I graduated, I visited my old friends, the AR Code books.  I wished them well, and told them I hoped that the other students would be as good to them as I had.  I loved them – they were the history of the times, and they showed what was truly important to those Arkansans back in the day.  I know I will miss them, and I hope they think about me once and again.

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