First Day of Actual Bar Prep–Done

Today was the first day of actual bar prep, and it’s done.  When I say actual bar prep, I mean listening to the substantive lectures, taking notes in the bar notes book supplied by Kaplan, and starting on an outline.  This time it was torts, which is thankfully one of my favorite subjects from law school, so I was not bored or about to fall asleep.  After today, I needed something that I remembered quite well and that was fairly easy to recall.

Tomorrow I continue with more Torts.  It will be fine.

We are also supposed to close on our house sale tomorrow, but it looks like that won’t happen because the buyer’s title agent decided it was better to go on vacation than to actually do the work required for us to close.  I have seen no settlement statement, and the buyer lives out of state, so us closing on time looks like a slim to none chance.  We’d better close on Thursday if not tomorrow or someone is going to owe me some interest money.

With all that said, and after studying torts all evening, I’m so ready to pass the bar and sue somebody!  Not really, but at least I have the intelligence to know that I can.

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