Ballgame – Rained Out

Well tonight we went to the Hogs game in Fayfay. It was great for the first 11:28 minutes, but at 3:32 left in the first quarter the weather booed us out. Thankfully we were with friends in a suite box, so we were out of the rain.

We come to a couple of games every year, usually buying from friends or getting tickets that someone can’t use that game. It’s a three-hour trip, and the scenery is great as the leaves are changing this time of the year. The hills on I530 are beautiful.

I have never been to a game before that was rained out, and I’ve been to probably 100 games in my lifetime, counting high school. It’s rained before, but not bad enough to call the game, and that’s really saying something in tornado alley.

So we sit here, listening to the pretty good tunes on the sound system, with the large glass pane sliding windows open, letting a gentle breeze blow into our space.

They let us bring in our tiny umbrella, at least, so that the walk back to the car won’t be so wet.

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