Sonic Boom

8/7/12 10:09am
Somewhere in the Caribbean Sea

The absolute coolest thing ever just happened. We had just returned from breakfast, and we had just walked out on our extended balcony. Our neighbors from Toronto were outside eating and such, and we were visiting with them when a fighter jet flew overhead. I felt like I was in The Right Stuff where all the guys look around when they are barbecuing in the yard, to see what plane just flew overhead. It was SO cool!

It was so fast, and we are at the back of the ship, so we didn’t see it that time. About 5 minutes later, though, the jet flew back overhead, rushing across the sky. It disappeared almost as quickly as it appeared, which was such a thrill. Then, about a minute after it left our view, it broke the sound barrier, sending the sonic shock waves to our ears and producing the sweet sound every fighter jet pilot remembers from his or her first time doing it on his or her own. It was amazing. This was the first time I had ever heard one where I also witnessed the plane streak across the skies. It was like being in a movie. “Yes, I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. Hot Fighter Jet Pilot.”. Because they are all hot, of course!

Sitting on the back of the ship is unlike anywhere else we have been. You get to see everything from all angles except the forward side. It’s very cool, as there is a constant ocean sound, and either we just got very lucky or it’s like this all the time, in that it’s extremely quiet back here, too. There are only about 15 cabins on the back with balconies, so if most people are inside or somewhere else on the ship, you still get the breeze, without the fuss and muss.

We also have basically a 180 degree view of the ocean, which is really cool. I just can’t imagine what it must be like to live at the beach and do this every day. Wow.

A Coast Guard cuddy just motored off our aft side. I wonder if we are just close to Cuba and they are freaking out or what. Between the jet and the cuddy, I know we’re not alone out here, but it would be okay if we were. I love the ocean and will always love it. This is what life is about – having a good time. It’s not about who has what car and how large your house is. Who cares about that stuff? I’d rather drive my 7-year old 4 Runner for another 10 years than to waste my money on a car payment and forgo the sweet sounds of the sea.

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