Welcome, Alfred!

Well, today we are setting up our new computer.  We’ve decided to name him Alfred.  We name our devices, mainly because we have several, but also because it’s so much more fun to personalize them than to just call them Computer 1, etc.  That’s boring.

Right now, we have Prudence, my laptop, Olivia, my Kindle Touch, Barney, Sweetie’s Kindle Touch, Fred, my Blackberry, Sylvia, Sweetie’s Blackberry, and now we welcome Alfred the Dell Computer to the family. 

We also name trees.

We have Felix and Roger, both Japanese maple trees.  Roger had a really bad accident a couple of years ago when the roofers dropped shingles on top of his crown.  They ended up buying us Felix, who cost about $2400.  Yes, for a tree.  They were not happy.  I believe that the Hispanic workers ended up paying out of their profit for the damage, but they should have – they were the ones who dropped the shingles on top of his crown.  We had the local nursery transplant Roger to a new location in our yard when they planted Felix in Roger’s place.  Roger still doesn’t look too great, but at least he put on leaves this past spring.  We will see what happens this spring.

Alfred is only the second computer we’ve purchased since we’ve been married.  We had a really old one and bought a new one, now our old one, about six years ago.  So, Alfred will be really cool and fast.  We are also moving the old one (unnamed) upstairs so that our kids can use it and won’t be in our office anymore. This I’m greatly looking forward to since they tend to make a mess when they are in the office.  I just hope we can keep everyone else off our computer downstairs, too.

So, we’re welcoming Alfred today.  I’m excited to have a new friend.




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