Hand Surgery Day

Well today Sweetie is having hand surgery to fix the broken bone in his hand from his dirt bike, Deena, falling on him back in August. He’s nervous, I know. He doesn’t want to have to do this, and he is certainlly not looking forward to having a cast for up to 8 weeks. Neither am I, but I’m glad it wasn’t a worse injury.

So I sit here in the waiting room, waiting. They just took him back for some of the prep work, and they wouldn’t let me come with him. I hate that, since we rarely do anything alone. Some things, I guess, you have to, though.

I hope he makes it okay, and I hope it doesn’t cause too much pain. I have confidence in the staff. Even working at a hospital and seeing the worried folks every day doesn’t make it much better, but as you can tell from my previous posts, arm surgery isn’t nearly as bad as something worse!

So, I’m hoping for a great outcome and a painless healing process.

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