A Graduation Story

At my college graduation, I was a rebel. I got my degree in psychology, and I didn't have a job lined up, but I was already working at a place at which I stayed for about 6 months after I graduated.

I was not in a sorority for many reasons. One was that I was a very independent person, and I still am. I didn't need to belong to a group to give me confidence or someone to hang out with at college. I make friends pretty easily, and I truly didn't want to have to do things as a group if I didn't want to. I remember during Rush Week, I signed up to go around to the various places to look. My family was lower middle class, and I didn't wear all the latest designer fashions. I didn't have a lot of money to spend on sorority stuff – t-shirts, dues, etc. – but I thought at first that it was just something that you had to do.

I soon realized that I didn't need that lifestyle and didn't want to have "study hour". I study much better on my own, and I always have. I've made good grades all the way through school, with only two Cs on my report cards in my entire career (both from law school). I didn't need someone to make me focus on studying. As a matter of fact, I think that it would have been a major distraction instead.

I made up my mind when I saw the AGDs walking across the campus in their matching smocked jumper dresses. Not only did they look at bit ridiculous to me, I was too much of my own person to go to college and then have someone tell me how to dress! I dropped out of the whole rush experience and moved on with my life.

Come graduation, all of those sorority sisters were forced to wear dresses, heels, and in some cases, matching outfits. I would have none of the sort. I decided I would wear black leggings, flats, and a comfortable shirt, after all, I was wearing a huge black robe over the whole thing so it wasn't like anyone could really see what I had on.

They took a photo when I was handed my diploma. Every time I look at that photo, I remember being a rebel and not wearing the status quo.

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