Chocolate and BonBons

Sunday, August 7, 4:30pm, in the North Atlantic

Today, I have been sitting around all day, relaxing. I love sea days almost more than port days, especially if the ports are either somewhere I’ve been before or somewhere boring. Yes, there are a few ports I find boring. This cruise, we only had one port, and I loved it! Luckily, we had a few days to play in NYC before we set sail so it was nice to have a couple of at-sea days to just chill out before we have to go back home.

Today, we have done next to nothing. We slept this afternoon some, we ate breakfast at a leisurely pace, and we ate lunch when we wanted to, as well.

I don’t know, but I think being at sea or on the ocean is my Utopia. My ex-husband was wrong yet again when he said there was no such thing.

He used to say that there was no Utopia. There were no places where people just sat around eating bonbons and chocolate. Well, folks, I’m here to tell you that there is. You just have to work for it and make it yourself.

Here’s to finding your own Utopia, whatever that may be.

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