The Moxie Cake

This was my husband’s birthday cake.  Being in law school, I have little time to do anything, like bake, during finals.  His birthday this year just happened to be the same day that I had to turn in my take-home final, and I was strapped for time.  I ran into Kroger, thinking that I would buy a cake mix and icing and run home and bake him a cake.  I even thought about getting one of those in-the-box gooey cakes that look so delicious but are 1M calories per slice.

I thought I would just take a quick peek in the pre-made cake aisle, to see if there was anything that caught my eye.  Boy, was there.  This cake was there, and it was perfect!  It looked just like our dog, and was about the same size.  Although he’s a guy, he loves our dog like a child, so I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect cake for his birthday this year.

I took it home and hid it, because I wanted it to be a complete surprise.  He loved it!  He asked me how I got them to make me a Moxie cake (our dog’s name), and I told him the story.  He couldn’t believe it.

We started by eating the back end, because honestly neither of us could bear to cut through the head.  This, of course, was not something I contemplated when purchasing the cake.

Next year, perhaps he’ll be fortunate enough to get a dirt bike cake, unless both of his arms are broken from riding the dirt bike, whereupon he will simply get a dirt bike milkshake.

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