Leaves, Trees, and Birds – With the Sound of Traffic in the Background

So, I’m really going to miss my uncle’s pool when he sells his house eventually.  Thankfully, with the work they have left to do, I don’t think he’s going to sell it before the end of this year’s swimming season.  That makes me happy!  I’d like to use it until it just gets so darn cold that I can’t stand swimming in it.

I live in a suburb.  We don’t have a lot of swimming pools to choose from, which is weird.  There was a YMCA closer to my house, but it closed down recently.  The recreation center in my suburb has a swim team that is noisy and takes up most of the pool lanes during the times I’m able to swim.  The other YMCA is pretty far away from my house or my work, unfortunately.  If I had thought about it more, I would have pitched a fit to move closer out that way, as it’s the best Y in the area, by far.  The other pools are either closed for remodeling or outdoor pools, only open during the summer.

So, in the winter season, there are not a lot of choices.

And, I hate the treadmill.

I don’t like to walk, because it’s really hard on your joints after a while.  I hate running.  I would rather have liposuction without sedation than run.  Girls just aren’t built to run – or at least girls who have any shape whatsoever.  It’s just hard on my body at this advanced age (40)!  So, swimming is what I like to do, and it’s what I want to do.  I think that a lot of people who don’t exercise probably have not found the exercise that fits them the best.

I think cycling would be fun, to a certain degree, but then, again, I want to do it indoors.  I don’t like getting wet outside in the rain when I’m walking or such.  It’s not fun to get all wet and then not have anything to change into, like you do when you swim.  Swimming is just “me”.

What I really need is my own indoor pool, or at least one with a Florida room that I could heat and cool as necessary, to keep out the pests and keep the cool out or heat in, depending on the season.

So.  I guess that’s what I really need to do.  Start looking for a house with an enclosed pool.  Wonder how successful I’m going to be in that little quest?

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