St. Kitts

May 27, 2011

Well today we had our adventure in St. Kitts. It was a beautiful little island, and it was hot. We went shopping for a bit and then went on an excursion to the rainforest and beach.

The downtown area of Basseterre is an old island town. They have a roundabout in the center with shops all around. There were tons of people around, but most were friendly.

The shopping was good, too. I am not interested in most of the shopping – jewelry stores, brand-name or knock-off brand-name upscale items (a la Coach purses, etc.) – so I steer away from those spots. I just like a couple of t-shirts or such and I’m good.

The people who were pushing taxis and such were a bit of a hassle, but ignorable so not too bad for me. Sweetie got aggravated, which bothers me, because then I think he’s not having a good time. I didn’t get aggravated, but then again, I’d rather stay on one of the islands or on the boat as opposed to going back to Boringville, too. I can’t believe my ancestors had everywhere to choose from and they chose my home state. I mean, really? No beach within 500 miles for goodness sake.

I do recommend St. Kitts, but I’d recommened probably staying at the Marriott or such where there is a nice beach. The one we went to today, Timothy Beach, was okay and the scenery was nice, but it wasn’t anything like some of the other beaches we’ve been to. This trip was okay. I am glad we came and I’m especially glad to be away from home and work for a few days. I don’t know that I would do this cruise again, where it stops every day. It just doesn’t give enough downtime like some of the others do. I think I’d recommend it to someone new to Caribbean travel, though. Next time, we’re going in a cooler month and we’re going either to stay or on a cruise where there aren’t as many stops. Perhaps Bermuda or just to the Keys.Good day, overall, just not as good as I’d hoped this morning when I woke up, looking at paradise.


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