Big Pine Key

4 March 2017, 20:55 EDT

Today we traveled from Key West up north to Big Pine Key, about 25 miles or so along the Overseas Highway, aka US Hwy 1. We took our time, as we didn’t leave Key West until around 2pm or so local time. It was nice. A beautiful day for a beautiful drive and onto our next adventure. 

We decided to stay in 5 different resorts on this week’s vacation, as we wanted to experience more of the Keys than just Key West. We wanted to have an overall experince. We have! 

Today we saw Key Deer up close and personal. They look a lot like white tails but are much smaller. One with a broken hip joint made me sad, but apparently he’s been living with it for years, according to our hosts. We are staying at the Barnacle Bed & Breakfast, which is one of the coolest buildings I’ve ever stayed in, and the hosts are spectacular. Very friendly and I love the location. 

We have had, so far today, the best day of vacation, as it was nearly all relaxing, with a few minor work related things scattered About. I have just about decided that I am going to have to hire someone to take care of my secretarial type needs, as it is the only way I am going to stay sane. 

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